Weddings – bride and groom wear

Weddings – bride and groom wearWeddings, well this is the time in an individual’ life that is so real but yet so unreal, resulting in the need to pinch oneself, more so if it is ones own wedding. There are so many things to be done that it drives one insane while thinking of it. Loads and loads of plans to be made as well as executed, in so little time. Things that seem so trivial to others are far too important to the couple.

Ooh yeah, this is exactly what the bride and her groom feel. A married couple will definitely nod their head in agreement.

As we all know that this is a once in a lifetime occasion, where we want the experience to live with us for a lifetime which is probably we why we leave no stone unturned.

Indian weddings are that much more of a challenge in terms of ceremonies, traditions etc. We tell ourselves that everything has been looked into and taken care of which in fact is far from the truth. In the strife, little do you realise that you have cut yourself a raw deal.

While everything around you is picture perfect just the way you wanted, that may not be the case when it comes to your attire.

Sad but true, with you being able to do absolutely nothing about it.

Today unlike yesteryears, we are blessed with the luxury of niche apparel stores that cater to a customer’s specific needs, be it the look & feel, cut, fabric, style or plain size of the garment. Smart couples have all etched out for their D day prior.

One needn’t be a fashionista to make a fashion statement. The mantra being, smart wearable clothes with perfect fitting.

Guys, you really want to know what it is, well it’s you being yourself and comfortable with what you wear.

The rest speaks for itself.